Puerto Rico Food Sovereignty

Puerto Rico AI has a five part student-centric educational model called ASPIRE. ASPIRE stands for Artificial Sciences (aka AI), Programming (Python, R, etc.), Internetworking (switches, routers, servers, etc., Robotics (automation), Environment (ecology, farming, etc.).

Every five part subject matter are carefully designed to “aspire” to compliment, reinforce, and support each other.

Are you a Mayor in Puerto Rico?

Are you a mayor in Puerto Rico? Together we can accomplish so much together for our students, teachers, high schools and colleges.

Like you, I am also an elected official at the local municipal government level in the state of California, in the United States. I understand the challenges we have to face everyday to keep out voters happy, our schools open, and people employed.

Thinking outside the box & the traditional classroom!

Nowadays students learn differently, and likewise teachers can teach in bold, new, exciting, and engaging ways with technology.

That is why at Puerto Rico AI we are constantly designing, deploying, and beta-testing new ways for students to learn and teachers to teach.