Puerto Rico AI Lesson Plan Preview

Puerto Rico AI, as our name implies, is committed to genuinely modernizing our educational experience for our students and educators in Puerto Rico.

STEM, also known as Science, Technology, Engineering, Math; has broadly worked well to promote the teaching and learning the sciences.

However, STEM, and their variants like STREAM, STEAM, and others have reached their limitations. STEM and their various versions have unsuccessfully tried to keep up with our technological rapid advancements with the best of intentions.

Therefore, Puerto Rico AI is constantly thinking outside of the box, the classroom, and school board meetings.

Puerto Rico AI is not just excited about “flipping the classroom”, rather we are a student centric educational initiative emboldened to meaningfully modernize our entire educational paradigm in our high schools and colleges in Puerto Rico.
In that spirit, Puerto Rico AI endorses an alternative to STEM called ASPIRE. We intentionally designed ASPIRE to adequately address today’s constant technological advancements for students and educators.

With five specific core subject matters, we believe our high schools and colleges can readily, affordably, and realistically prepare students and educators for our 21st century workforce.

Our five specific core subject matters have been consolidated into an acronym we call ASPIRE.

ASPIRE stands for Artificial Sciences, Programming, Internetworking, Robotics, Environment.

Artificial Sciences encourages the teaching and in-depth learning of Artificial Intelligence.

The teaching and learning of computer programming will compliment the foundational comprehension of Artificial Intelligence.

The hands-on in classroom work experience of Internetworking (routers, switches, web servers, etc.) will augment the interconnectivity between Artificial Intelligence, programming, and the immense power of the Internet.

The teaching and learning of robotics, i.e. automation, furthermore will pedagogically demonstrate to our students and teachers how Artificial Intelligence, programming, and Internetworking when combined, foundationally make robotics work safely, efficiently, and purposefully.

Lastly, our Environment subject matter endeavors to train our students and teachers to become productive, compassionate, responsible, and prepared environmentalist. With specialized skillets such as but not limited to greenhouse design, construction, and maintenance, for sustainable food security for a healthier mind, body, and environment.

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